Friday, October 5, 2012

A Call to Action

Friends, there is a new operating system scheduled to launch this month and it doesn't include podcasting support. We just can't have that, can we?

Windows 8 is due to launch with absolutely "no" Podcasting support. Hundreds of millions of potential listeners and viewers - for this podcast or any other - use Windows computers.

Microsoft's goal with Windows 8, is to create synergy between the desktop, tablet, windows phone, and ultimately Xbox. Very similar to what Apple has already accomplished.

Today Microsoft posted a list of Windows 8 Apps that will launch with the platform. Missing is any mention of Podcasting support. We encourage each of you to leave a "positive" comment on the Microsoft Blog post asking for podcasting support.

This will take less than 5 minutes, we need to let Microsoft know we want to have the ease of subscribing and listening to podcasts that is afforded users on other platforms.

Follow the link below and ask Microsoft politely to add a podcasting app to Windows 8!

Thank you for your support

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