Sunday, February 10, 2013

T.R.I.P. Episode 47 - It's Been a Long Week Today

Recorded 2/9/2013

A comedy of arrows (yes, I meant to say that) has kept us from our appointed rounds. Between work and family obligations, illness, and computers losing some of their magic smoke we've had a hard time coordinating the production of the podcast. We explain a little more in depth in the opening segment.

Tonight we talk about increased capacity and stolen storage, blocking the used game market, double-double DNA, net neutrality violations and companies making an exit from the consumer segment.

So grab yourself a cup of tea, Earl Grey, hot, and let us entertain you as we stumble through a makeshift recording configuration.

Tonight's News
Tech Term of the Day
  • Bloatware:
    • Software that has lots of features and requires considerable disk space and RAM. As the cost of RAM and disk storage has decreased, there has been a growing trend among software developers to disregard the size of applications.
    • Software preinstalled on a device, usually by the hardware manufacturer, that is unwanted (and often useless).
Extra Links (stuff we didn't get to and bizarre references we made)

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