Saturday, December 1, 2012

T.R.I.P. Episode 40 - Clever vs Smart

Recorded 11/29/2012

A good, lighthearted episode full of murder, mayhem and... SPAM! Joe gives a first impression of the new iTunes after using it for approximately 1 minute and 42.53 seconds. Another nail in the RIM coffin (at this rate, it'll be hermetically sealed when they finally kick the bucket), HP's $8.8 billion writeoff and the resulting investor lawsuit, and two burning questions: Can you ever think of Microsoft as a hardware company? and Do you really own that eBook  Plus, Joe and Kevin discuss the ineffective, irrelevant foolishness of posting a general copyright notice on your Facebook profile.

Kevin's cousin's podcast and radio show, Pure Imagination

Tonight's News

Technology Term of the Day:
Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR)

Extra Links (stuff we didn't get to and bizarre references we made)

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