Saturday, February 18, 2012

Where It All Starts - Episode 00

My name is Joe Fusco and I have a friend named Kevin Sesock. A couple of years ago, while on a road trip, Kevin and I discussed the idea of starting a podcast. We gave it a title and talked a little bit about content. When I got home, I started putting together a show format. I didn't get very far before it just sort-of fizzled out.

In the time between then and now we've asked things like, "when are we going to do that podcast thing?" but the answer usually came out as, "Idunno."

In the mail today came a shiny, new (to me) Blue Snowball USB microphone. It sounds great and I would really like to get my investment out of it so I decided to go through the motions and see how easy it is to run through the mechanics of publishing an audio podcast.

That's what this episode is, really: A test.

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