Saturday, April 21, 2012

T.R.I.P. Episode 8 - The Cake is a Lie

Recorded April 18, 2012. This episode is dedicated to Dick Clark who died today at the age of 82

The Apple II turns 35! Joe earns his idiot card. Windows Phone misses the mark. Stunning predictions... from 2007. and much, much more!

Tonight's News
Technology Term of the Day: Mollyguard

New Company Names Suggested by the Corporate Restructuring Division at TRIP Tower

  • MicroPanaSonyGoopleSamSprintInstaZon 
  • MotoNorTwittVidiAcAfee
  • 3ComLogiEAeBayCisTariDobeDaptecRIMSunRedHatRox
  • VerizBookIntelOraHoo!

Extra Links (stuff we didn't get to and bizarre references we made)

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