Sunday, May 6, 2012

Movin' On Up!

I would like to announce that the Two Rambling Idiots Podcast has officially been accepted to the Tech Podcast Network!

This is a big deal. 75% of shows that apply are rejected. With this membership you can be assured that we will maintain family-friendly content and we will publish regularly. If we don't adhere to that, we won't be part of the network any longer.

This also means that some changes are likely to come in the not-too-distant future. The first is that we will be moving the blog to our own domain. This won't happen overnight but I've already been checking domain name availability. This change will likely coincide with a change in where we host our media content. We are currently using the Internet Archive. There's nothing wrong with that but if we start to experience growth of any significance, we're going to start pushing the capabilities of that system and we just don't want that to happen. You will notice the domain change, you probably won't notice the hosting change.

Another change I want to bring to your attention is that we may start carrying advertising. TPN offers advertising packages to its members and we will have opportunities to participate in those in order to cover some of the expenses associated with producing a podcast. Don't worry, we'll be as unobtrusive as possible with it when we bring it online but quality hosting does carry a price.

That having been said, I want to assure that the Two Rambling Idiots Podcast is and always will be free. If you feel like helping us along, however, there is a donation button on the site. Completely voluntary, enough said.

Thank you all for helping to make this happen.

Tech Podcast Network

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