Sunday, February 24, 2013

T.R.I.P. Episode 49: The Show That Almost Wasn't and Probably Shouldn't Be

Recorded 2/21/2013

Do you remember a couple of months ago when Skype crashed on us and it wiped out the 10 minutes of recording we'd done up to that point? After that incident I started recording using NowSmart Talkin' again in addition to having PowerGrammo auto-record within Skype. It's a good thing because just before the show PowerGrammo asked if I wanted to update. I had some time so I let it do its thing. Everything appeared seamless and we went on about our ramblings. It wasn't until I disconnected - after "recording" for over an hour - and the conversion window didn't pop up that I realized that PowerGrammo hadn't launched when Skype relaunched after the update. I've fixed it but if I hadn't rolled on that backup recording we wouldn't have this hunk of happiness for you to listen to.

Update: I wrote that before I ever listened to the recording. It's pretty spectacularly bad. The backup recorder was misbehaving because of the hardware changes from my recent repair. The only way I could get it to accept the signal from my microphone in the brief moments I had before we started the Skype call was to select "stereo mix" as an input. If you don't know, that means 'record whatever is coming through the sound card.' On my end that's not such a problem but, because it was recording Kevin from the speaker output, as it was supposed to, it was also recording him from the stereo mix and there's a slight delay between the two. The echo is bad. Listen if you dare. 

Note: I would recommend listening to the Robert Ballard stuff from 13:35 to 21:37. The sound byte starts at 20:37. You should also listen to Robbie's voice mail starting at 1:08:43 and the HILARIOUS interpretation by Google Voice that starts at 1:09:54.

On tonight's episode we cover promising news in cancer research, more on gene patents, Guy Fieri, and there was something about the Playstation 4. Plus we have a sound byte from oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard.

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