Monday, April 2, 2012

Changing It Up

Kevin and I had a couple of discussions after out last long-winded show. First, we're going to limit the number of topics we discuss on the show to 2 a piece. If we're doing good on time after that, we may throw in another. There will still be bonus links in the show notes.

The second and more important discussion was about recording times. Kevin wants to be more involved in the show and contribute every week. To fit with his schedule we will be recording on Wednesday nights now. (since Mythbusters moved to Sundays, why not!) I have no idea how I will work the post-production (still haven't worked out that audio level thing) and uploading into my Thursday so I don't know when we'll publish but we'll let that work itself out.

We will still be giving away the software on show 7, it will just be recorded on the 11th instead of the 13th.

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